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  • Thursday, 29th September 2022
Spiritual retreats away from the bustle of everyday city life, the idilllic locations...
Ground-breaking Islamic studies programme helping students live their faith through developing...
Ethical Finance Roundtable

Key note speakers the Most Rev and Rt Hon Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Justin Welby, The Rev Sheikh Ruzwan Mohammed and The Rev Rabbi Dr Naftali Brawer will be joined by specialist financial practitioners to discuss the faith perspective on ethical finance and propose future areas of co-operation.

Organised by the Islamic Finance Council in association with the Cambridge inter-faith Programme at the Universtity of Cambridge and the Arab Financial forum. 

Attendance by invitation only.    

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n the summer of 2009, two Scottish Muslim Scholars set up The Solas Foundation, commited to effecting positive change in Scotland and beyond.

They aimed for this through catering for the varied authoritative knowledge and research demands of both the Muslim and wider community in areas relating to Islam.
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This time last year, the Forced Marriage etc. (Protection and Jurisdiction) (Scotland) Act…

Maternal healthcare: Statement by scholars and community leaders
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