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Monday, 16th May 2022
Reflections on Broken Britain
by Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed
19th Apr 2009
Social commentators have, over the past year or so, been engaged in a protracted furore over the merits of the ‘Broken Britain’ debate. Statistics come thick and fast, painting a picture of a society that has atrophied and failed. Social, crime or health indicators vie to paint an increasingly bleak canvas of societal discord.

That society has at its core broken individuals is a more telling indicator of our predicament. Wantonness and the lack of a collective moral compass, when coupled with social and economic inequity, are bound to take their toll on any society.

Though few can now argue that theism is a condition for the leading of a moral life at an individual level, it is equally apparent from the annals of twentieth century history that a purely secular approach to morality has failed in providing standards that are collectively passed from generation to generation in a shared societal narrative. This is the prima-facie charge facing post-modern Britain today. The enduring legacy of Faiths has always been the ability to pass on, through shared traditions, collective social mores effectively to both the thinker and the layman alike.

Alas the luxury of choosing between a secular or a faith-based solution to our contemporary moral ills is one afforded to us by neither fate nor circumstance. What is required is a more resilient concerted solution from the whole of Civil Society.

The 12th century Muslim philosopher Averroes ventured to summarize moral ethics as being enshrined in the preservation five main values; those of life, wealth, freedom of faith, intellect and progeny. What is interesting is that he proposed this in Spain at a time of competing faiths and denominations all scrambling for a shared vantage point from which to deal with the moral and social issues of the day.

It would be true to say that a similar venture is required today. It is a task that is as daunting as it is pressing, but as Goethe said ’ mountains cannot be surmounted except by winding paths.

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