Money for Nothing
This friday sermon looks at one of the most important functions of human society, that of creating and sharing wealth. At a time when few care about the ethics of finance, this khutbah explores the importance of understanding the ultimate source of one's wealth as a necessary preamble to a truly just economic system.
Welcome to the new Solas Foundation website

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Friday, 16th November 2018
Welcome to the new Solas Foundation website

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND October 1, 2012 - Welcome to the new Solas Foundation website. Even before its formal launch in 2009, the people behind the foundation have worked hard to create an intellectual and project based arena which is conducive to the exchange of ideas. On the website, you will find an interesting insight into the Scottish Muslim community through the eyes of individuals who have worked to effect positive change in the Muslim as well as wider community. We also aim to provide a point of contact for news and media outlets on issues that are of concern to Muslims and wider society, be it in Scotland or abroad. So feel free to contact us.

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