Creation Or Evolution?
Discussing the relationship between faith and science. Shaykh Ruzwan in conversation with Sam Berry and Ewan Aitken.
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Friday, 14th December 2018
eeping with its commitment to effecting positive change in the Muslim as well the wider community, the Solas Foundation focuses its projects on two fronts.

Primarily it seeks to pilot and run well planned educational and social projects itself where it identifies the benefit of such initiatives. Secondly, it actively supports initiatives that are already up and running by providing support and advice as well as hands on contributive input.

Ground-breaking Islamic studies programme helping students live their faith through developing the themes of worship, belief and self-reflection, whilst simultaneously developing a clear and balanced understanding of the sacred sources of Islamic learning, as they relate to contemporary discourse.
Spiritual retreats away from the bustle of everyday city life, the idilllic locations in Scotland where these take place aid in producing a reflective mind-set that is conducive to thinking outside the box.
iSyllabus is taking you on an unforgettable journey to Islam's holiest cities. We intend to take a group of 35 people to perform the Umrah pilgrimage and visit the Prophet, peace be upon him, in the blessed city of Madinah.
As well as its own initiatives, the foundation also supports and works
closely with a number of partnership projects.

An initiative developed in partnership with Muslim student societies at universities around Scotland, it aims to give students a greater appreciation of the blessed prophetic biography by relating the historical events to the issues faced day by day on campus and beyond.
Both founding scholars are regulars on this community radio station based in Glasgow which runs during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Programs vary from the spiritual to hard hitting community and social issues.
Initially set up and piloted in 2010, this project aims at tackling the problem of homelessness in Glasgow as well as educate those that may not have knowledge of the problem, particularly in the Muslim community, of the wider issues involved in tackling homelessness and poverty.
Charity which aims to help and support New Muslims or converts to Islam, and anyone who has an interest or simply wishes to know more about this beautiful faith.
A network of medical professionals and doctors committed to promoting excellence within healthcare. Both founding scholars serve on the advisory board as part of its independent Islamic Medical Ethics Council made up of Muslim Scholars and healthcare experts.
Al-Furqan is a bustling community mosque situated in the centre of Glasgow with a large and varied congregation made up of many ethnicities and backgrounds. Shaykh Ruzwan regularly is invited to deliver the Friday sermon there and touches on topics of both local and international importance.
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