Shaykh Ruzwan's Invitation
Shaykh Ruzwan extends an invitation to everyone on behalf of the Solas Foundation to attend the Shaykh Yahya Rhodus event in Glasgow.
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Thursday, 29th September 2022
Al-Furqan is a bustling community mosque situated in the centre of Glasgow with a large and varied congregation made up of many ethnicities and backgrounds. Shaykh Ruzwan regularly is invited to deliver the Friday sermon there and touches on topics of both local and international importance.
Al-Furqan Mosque Friday sermons   
As the Muslim prison populations continue to rise in Europe, this Friday sermon delivered by Shaykh Ruzwan at the SUMSA prayer hall looks at the the importance of using the correct methodology to reform Muslim inmates and in particular the prophetic path of transformation.
Woolwich Khutbah:
Duration: 14 minutes
Hard hitting friday sermon given in Glasgow immediately after the murder in Woolwich touching on the incident itself and its wider context of the state of religious learning and leadership in the Muslim community.
The Next Generation
Duration: 14 minutes
Shaykh Amer discusses the vital role of the Muslim Youth in the UK, their responsibilities and what relationship they should have with the older generation.
On Scholars and Rulers
Duration: 10 minutes
Short friday sermon reflecting on the dynamics between scholars and rulers in the Muslim world.
Friday sermon on a young Scots man who was to be given the honour of being placed as the Governor of Al-Madinah, the city of light. He was assassinated in the holy land and there he was buried.
The utility of humility
Duration: 12 minutes
This short sermon discusses the ultimate function of humility and how it is the perfect counterbalance to haste and the perennial human desire to search for quick fixes to problems.
Money for Nothing
Duration: 10 minutes
This friday sermon looks at one of the most important functions of human society, that of creating and sharing wealth. At a time when few care about the ethics of finance, this khutbah explores the importance of understanding the ultimate source of one's wealth as a necessary preamble to a truly just economic system.
Only Fools and Horses
Duration: 10 minutes
Friday sermon delivered on 22/02/2013 at al-Furqan Mosque Glasgow touching on the ethics of food production and consumption.
Saving Face Khutbah
Duration: 12 minutes
Shaykh Ruzwan delivers the weekly Friday khutbah
Shaykh Ruzwan delivers the weekly Friday khutbah
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